Anything but Ordinary?

IMG_8254On Friday morning my house looked like this. In my infinite wisdom, I thought it was a great idea to have a load of washing in the machine, one on the line, the sofa covers drying out after being washed last night, the ironing pile mountain out, the breakfast mess un-cleared and a banana fuelled toddler running around the [very messy] house. And then my phone pinged me a little nugget of information from the world outside telling me that a good friend of mine was merrily sat in solitude in a local cinema watching Batman Vs. Superman. I looked around, took a sip from my minuscule tea cup full of imaginary tea, courtesy of Chez Darcey and thought…oh yeah, that’s what ordinary people can do! And I text him back telling him he was curious for being in the cinema alone.

And it got me thinking about this mayhem that we’ve created in parenthood. The fridge that is plastered in a smorgasbord of magnets, photographs and masterpieces from nursery and home, that used to be pristine and bleached clean (who am I kidding…it used to not have pictures on). The living room that has every inch of available space taken up with tiny kitchens, tree houses, soft toys, books and every other piece of paraphernalia that accompanies a one year old. The bathroom where my beautiful, coastal themed decor that I thought so long and hard about is barely visible behind the million bottles of different potions that children require (I swear they’re all the same, in different packaging anyway), and the piles of garish plastic bath companions that are essential to ensuring Darcey is able to have her teeth brushed in relative happiness. I mean tolerance.

IMG_8314I just popped to our local Tesco to pick up some bits for our lunches tomorrow and took with me my beautiful new Cath Kidston handbag. I’m not a girly person but I do have a penchant for CK accessories, however they are largely impractical as far as being a mother is concerned. Since I wasn’t taking Darcey with me, I grabbed it and jumped in the car. As I was trying to stuff my purchases into the one reusable bag I had brought with me, in spite of the fact there was still half a basket of fruit biscuits to go, I admitted defeat and asked for another bag. To add insult to injury, he gave me a 10p Bag For Life, instead of a 5p standard carrier. Outrageous. As I reached into my beautiful handbag to give the cashier my Clubcard, which is attached to my keys, out came flying a plethora of nappy sacks, Aldi nappies and my latest (unread) copy of Slimming World magazine. Mortified.


So, I have decided to embrace the chaos, since even the pretence of my £40 handbag can’t conceal it. Yes, I might not be able to sit in an empty cinema at 9am with my 28 year old carefree companion, I was too busy having a pillow party with these two monsters instead. And honestly, the reviews of Batman Vs Superman are pretty shocking anyway so I probably didn’t miss out! Whilst my initial reaction was to think, wow, that’s what things were like before children, my overwhelming thoughts are that I’d be missing out on all of this fun, without her. So, for now, I will sip on my (now cold) imaginary tea, whilst wearing some kind of ribbon noose that I have been anointed with by my tiny daughter, and enjoy the madness. I think my life is exactly curious enough as it is, actually!




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