#Bristots: There are three things that are universally loved by everyone…

Babies, puppies and ice-cream! (also, if you’re not vegetarian there’s also bacon!).

If someone were to say to you a food was “like bacon – but better” you, like I, would rush to the nearest place that sold said food so you could take it home and know a new gastronomic height and break a number of speed limits to get to it.  Well imagine my absolute horror, disgust and betrayal when I tried bacongrill didn’t even deserve to use the first two syllables of its name.  Somehow, I’m still friends with said person and have taken a second recommendation from from them about ice-cream…’Gelato is like ice-cream – but better!’  Luckily for this person and our friendship, this time they were 1000% right!

Everyone’s had ice-cream but not everyone’s had gelato. Gelato is made in a similar way to ice-cream but it’s made with slow churning instead of fast beating.  It also has half the fat so you can eat twice as much and not feel bad about it!

The absolute best place to get gelato is Swoon in the centre of Bristol, you can find them on Park Street, opposite the Cathedral.


When you see the outside of the shop reminds you of a high end eatery in Rome, when you walk inside you’re taken to one…except you’ll still be in Bristol.  You’ll first notice the huge freezer filled with every flavour you could possibly image and more than you could think of.  They have delicious ones that you might expect like vanilla, chocolate and pistachio.  There’s also super standard tastes like chocolate hazlenut, chocolate brownie and rose petal.  They have new specials all the time and a flavour lab that you can look into to watch them experimenting with flavours and also making more of the flavours they have on sale that day.  Not sure how you’d choose?  The kind people will let you try as many as you want before you commit to what you want, so you KNOW that you’re going to love what you get!


Swoon only use the highest, local, dairy from a farm in Somerset guarenteeing the quality of their base ingredients.  They’re also a family run business that have been going for the last 100 years so they all know what they are doing and live and love what they do!


I had the chocolate hazelnut with the chocolate brownie while Kate cherry cheesecake flavoured gelato that had amaretto.  Darcey enjoyed a mango sorbet!


No, really.  She absolutely loved it!


If you don’t want to eat your gelato from a cone or bowl like we did, you can have them in a warmed doughnut.  You can also have them on a stick!  If, like us, the incredible pots of joy aren’t enough for you, you can buy a whole tub to take away and enjoy at home…for at least an evening, anyway!

Please, DON’T take my word for it you need to go visit Swoon and experience their shop yourself!  Visit their website here and find them below.  We’ll be writing a future post on Swoon and their incredible gelato later in the summer with some exclusive things for our readers!

That’s all to say for now, have a delicious Easter weekend!


Swoon haven’t paid us to review or advertise their product or brand, we genuinely visited and had to shout about their incredible gelato!


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