Review: Surprise Box Club

Monthly craft kits by mail – Surprise Box Club - Be as creative as you've always wished to be


I’ve been SO excited to write this review since I spoke with Triinu at the wonderful Surprise Box Club back in February and was excitedly running to our porch upon my return from work for several days at the beginning of March, waiting for a package! The Surprise Box Club is a monthly subscription box for avid crafters, created by Triinu, who is a jeweller by trade. Each box contains two craft kits; one traditional craft and a second to help you hand make a piece of jewellery. My box this month also contained a beautiful pair of Swarovski silver and pearl earrings which Triinu had handmade for her first 100 subscribers. Alongside this, she also includes jewellery pliers at no extra cost and any equipment you might need to complete you crafts. On the box, she labels it ‘Happy Mail’ and my goodness me, I was like a kid in a proverbial candy shop when I opened this one!

The boxes are beautiful, from the very beginning, and leave loads of little bits to be uncovered as you move through the contents. In March’s box, the traditional craft kit was to make paper flowers and the jewellery kit was to make a three strand crimp bracelet. My kit this month has two pairs of jewellery pliers with it and this is so that the kits will arrive with these pliers to give you a set if you continue your subscription.

The cute little polka dot bags are full of crafting goodies, containing the glass beads, findings and wire I needed for my bracelet and also the gorgeous pair of earrings that Triinu had included. You can see the lovely cloud patterned paper to make my flowers and she even included a glue stick to get me going! Aside from two stationery basics (a ruler and a pair of scissors) I literally needed nothing at all to complete both crafts.

Beneath all the goodies are the essentials. An incredibly comprehensive set of step-by-step instructions and photographs for each of the crafts. The thing I loved about this kid more than anything is the way Triinu has allowed two different ways for you to learn these crafts. I tend to learn by reading stuff but, with the bracelet in particular, I was tying myself up in knots and couldn’t get myself started. So Triinu also has step by step video tutorials on her website for you to follow and make alongside her – this was invaluable to me when making the bracelet and there is nothing she misses out. She goes at a great pace, increasing the speed the more times you practise something and I literally can’t fault it. So, onto the makes:

The first craft I tried (almost as soon as I tore the box open, then remembered I had to take beautiful pictures of the unboxing!) was the paper flowers. What I loved about this is that it’s so transferable. As soon as I learned how to make each of the petals, I felt like a pro! The box contained enough of the patterned paper to make three flowers (5 sheets per flower) but I’m already thinking about doing some for our seaside bedroom from old walking maps of Cornwall that we have! I also have a couple of friends getting married this year and I can imagine these making great additions to table decorations!


It took me a little while to move onto the piece de resistance of the box, which was undoubtedly this beautiful glass beaded three-strand crimp bracelet. I must admit, as crafty as I am, I was putting off doing this because I was nervous I’d be out of my depth.However, after a long week at work I opened up the laptop, flicked the tutorial on and got cracking. I learned about findings, and crimping and pliers and all kinds of other jewellery paraphernalia and loved every second!

The box contained two specific types of jewellery pliers which meant I didn’t need to improvise, but it made the process feel incredibly professional. Triinu had included a huge selection of the glass beads which mean that I was able to be a bit more creative with my pattern, and I still had a large number left after completing it. It took me about an hour and a half to do, so there’s no way I’m ever going to be able to turn this into a career. I muddled up a TINY bit at the end where I made a silly mistake of letting one of the strands cross over the other so that it doesn’t sit in three straight lines, but Triinu says on the website that you can call mistakes like this ‘rustic’, and she’s the expert, so…

I feel undeservedly proud of this little thing because I made it! I love jewellery but this is the first thing that I have made myself to wear, and it’s totally accessible to beginners but gives you a huge sense of achievement when you complete it. I really loved spending quality time indulging in something I’d NEVER have made the time to do, were it not for this box.

And so, on the back of that, I’m incredibly pleased to say that I signed up to Surprise Box Club so that I make sure I do this once a month and get some gorgeous Happy Mail to make me smile! I literally can’t fathom how these are selling for £18 a month because there is no way this kit, the pliers, the earrings, packaging, and postage (which fits neatly through your letterbox) costs less that £18. You can buy one off boxes here but honestly, trust me on this one; just go straight for the subscription.And as if that wasn’t enough – in next month’s box you get the beginnings of a charm bracelet to collect over the coming months.

Can you tell I like this thing? In short, buy this subscription. I know in a review you’re meant to find things you like and things that need improving but honestly, this is just exactly perfect!

*Disclaimer: I was sent this month’s Surprise Box Club for free in exchange for writing this review. All words, images and opinions are my own.*
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10 thoughts on “Review: Surprise Box Club

  1. This is gorgeous! I love the packaging and all the little details like the polka dot bags to unpackage. The flowers are beautiful and your bracelet is so pretty. The instructions look brilliant and such a good idea to have videos too. Looking forward to seeing what else you make from the boxes! Thanks so much for linking up to #HowtoSunday x

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