#Bristots Review: Warmley Waiting Room


Firstly, lovely #Bristots followers; a huge apology for my lack of post last weekend. I was curled up in bed with flu and although I’d planned to write this I couldn’t muster the energy so I decided to save it for today instead.

This is a review about one of our favourite wanders to do in Bristol and the lovely little cafe at which it winds up. We are so fortunate to live right on a jumping off point for the cycle track and can be found exploring it most weekends with Lily. There is so much wildlife to see and opportunities to come off of the tarmac and onto the land surrounding it. Using the Sustrans site, you will be able to plan your route around the cycle paths of Bristol and we have another review or two coming up soon about different stopping off points along these beautiful tracks. Having grown up around this area, Nath and I prefer to come off the beaten track to get to most of the places we love around the cycle track and Lily loves running through the long grass whilst Darcey splashes in her wellies or picks wild flowers along the walk. Although we live in such a busy city, it’s so good to know that there is this haven of tranquillity just minutes away from the busy roads and bustling streets.


We tend to get on the cycle track at Fisher Road, just behind Made For Ever, or where the A4174 meets The Horseshoe pub. Here there are a variety of different routes you can take and our advice would be to just go for a wander! Don’t follow the track, pave your own way and walk through the grass. We are fortunate enough to know where we’re going but it’ll all lead you back to somewhere eventually! You are sure to bump into someone walking their dog who will be able to direct you towards civilisation if you find yourself too far into the deep, dark woods!


We head towards Warmley Skate Park on a variety of different routes because there is a bit of a body of water just behind there and a lovely little stream that Lily loves to swim in. In the springtime, it’s full of wild garlic and in the winter we have great fun in the snow. There is woodland and water, pasture and muddy puddles a plenty but we always know there will be a new adventure because there are so many unexplored paths at this end. It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t really a pushchair friendly walk, if you’re planning to leave the tarmac path. When we’ve run our legs out and Lily is suitably soaking, we load Darcey back in the carrier and head towards one of our favourite refuelling points. This, however, is completely accessible via the cycle track so do not be deterred if you don’t fancy the off-roading adventure beforehand!

Warmley Waiting Room had been some what of a mystery to us for a little while, which is completely bizarre since we walk past it nearly every weekend when wandering with Lily. But last summer we completed the Shaun in the City trail and started it off with Buddleia, who was stood proudly outside of the Waiting Room. IMG_1436Tempted by the promise of refreshing drinks and delicious cakes, we went in and then came out the other side, in their lovely gardens, and were not disappointed! In this tiny little place there are rabbits and a tortoise, a retro ice cream bar, a Doctor Who Loo, beautiful gardens, a heated summer room (which means it’s even perfect in the rain!) and a whole bunch more, situated perfectly to watch the world pass by on the cycle track. The children loved being able to run around inside the walled gardens and went to make friends with the animals.

Our favourite reason to stop in the Waiting Room nowadays is for a Sunday morning bacon bap and a cuppa, and you can’t beat it! All the cakes are homemade and incredibly good, the service is wonderful and you have beautiful surroundings to boot. We absolutely love it as a way to regain some energy before the wander home and it’s a firm favourite in the Reed household.


#Bristots Roundup

  • Where is Warmley Waiting Rooms? Bristol And Bath Railway Path, Warmley, Bristol BS15 4NJ
  • When is it open? It’s open most days, but it’s worth checking their Facebook page as they do occasionally have to close for poor weather.
  • How much does it cost? Obviously it completely depends on what you order but we think it’s great prices and it’s worth paying for homemade, quality food.
  • What facilities are on site? There is a beautiful garden, Doctor Who Loo and a fantastic supply of food and drinks, alongside lots other delights in the gadens.
  • Is it pushchair/wheelchair accessible? Yes – there is a high slope up to the cafe but it’s accessible from both ends of the cycle track.
  • Is there parking? Yes, and it’s free. Just next to the cycle track is a car park and public toilets.

Give it a try on a sunny day – we think you’ll love it!



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