Review: Bibetta Ultrabibs & Promotion!



Read on for an exclusive offer for It’s a Bug’s Life readers, from Bibetta!


IMG_6986We were really excited to receive a package of Bibetta goodies to review recently. As you will know we subscribed to the Baby Led Weaning method of introducing solids to Darcey just before she was six months old and, although she is now 19 months old and fully ‘weaned’, it doesn’t necessarily mean that meal-times are any less messy! Darcey is a really good eater and isn’t very fussy which has meant we’ve been able to put our two Ultrabibs through their paces. We were sent two, slightly different versions of the Ultrabib to try. The original one pictured above in the green Owl pattern and the Sleeved Ultrabib pictured below in the turquoise Birds print.

IMG_6990One of the many things I absolutely love about these bibs is their beautiful bright colours and patterns. The turquoise, green and blue patterns are all really gender neutral which is a huge pro for me because we aren’t into too much pink stuff for Darcey! Darcey loved the colours and as soon as I opened the parcel she was shouting “Bib” at me and proceeded to put the green Ultrabib on top of the turquoise one, so they get the toddler seal of approval!

These bibs are made from neoprene which is the material that the watertight babies swimming costumes are made of – they have a lovely squishable quality to them which makes them really comfortable for children. We’d stopped using traditional bibs with Darcey because she would cry about having the pastic around her neck, so we’d resorted to disposable paper bibs which she could pull off easily but with the Ultrabib; she asked to put these on! It was a bit of a Eureka moment!

IMG_7097The Ultrabib has a clever flip up catch tray so that any scraps that are dropped by a messy toddler are caught and their bottom halves are protected. This is a great feature and was particularly brilliant with curry – rice is fiddly for a one year old!

They fasten with secure velcro that has survived several machine washes without so much as a single bit of fluff or snagging so far, which I’m really impressed with. We’ve had bolognese, curry, yoghurt, casserole, stew, and ice cream to name but a few things since we’ve been testing these brilliant bibs and each time, I’ve rinsed them in the sink initially and that alone has been enough to remove any marks. After two weeks of being used at every sitting, they look as good as new. I thought they’d need to be machine washed at every use but we rinse throughout the day, they dry ridiculously fast and then they are machine washed on an evening.

sleevedBibetta have won a huge number of awards for these bibs and it’s easy to see why. They are simply genius! So durable whilst being beautiful and suiting every need that the parent and toddler would have. The picture above is after the bolognese, the curry and the yoghurt and you can see, it looks immaculate. These bibs are really affordable too, considering the wear you will get out of them. The full range is here. The standard Ultrabib retails at £5.99 and the sleeved Ultrabib at £9.99. If your little one isn’t quite at weaning stage yet, they also do a lovely range of dribble bibs, too. We’ve already decided that we’re going to invest in a few more and I really see it as an investment, as opposed to a cost. This is a quality product that I am confident is going to last and adapt to Darcey as she grows.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, they also threw in one of their beautiful Neoprene Lunchbags to boot!


Our review of this one, alongside some Spring lunchbox ideas and another offer from Bibetta will be coming just before the Easter holidays so keep an eye out because we love it as much as the bibs!


It’s a Bug’s Life Reader’s Offer:

This is the exciting bit! The lovely people over at Bibetta have kindly agreed to offer our wonderful readers a unique promotion on their bibs & lunchbags, running until 6th March 2016.

By entering the code


at the checkout, you’ll receive 15% off, as a thank you for stopping by their site, and ours! Let me know what goodies you decide to order as we are definitely going back for more, too. You won’t be disappointed.





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