The Stuff Dreams are Made of

  Not so long ago we met you for the first time. We held you and kissed you and watched you sleep because we didn’t want to miss a single second of your beautiful, miracle existence. We used to lie there far into the night and wonder out loud what you’d be like when you grew a little. When would you walk? What would your voice be like? What would you be good at? How tall will you be? We used to wonder what you dreamed of when you laid on our chests snoring your snoozey little purr. 
And now, nineteen months on (which is as huge and as short a time as we’ve ever known), I find myself wondering the same thing, except with a much bigger world at your fingertips to explore. Very often we will bring you into our bed in the early hours of the morning because we both love to wake up snuggled up to you. And lately you’ve started saying little words in your sleep! When Daddy was away this weekend, you sat up next to me at 3am and shouted “Daddy, Tea!” and I knew you were dreaming of your morning trips with him downstairs where you help him “mix, mix, mix” my cup of tea and then pull my towel when I’m out of the shower and proudly point me to the tea you’ve made me. Such a tiny little moment to us giant humans, but to you; an adventure. 

Another night, you rolled over and called out “Oller, Oller!”, a sure guarantee that in your mind’s eye you’d been crawling through tunnels in the forest after our Stick Man adventure with your lovely cousins or chasing “Oller” round the open doors of our house, or rolling a bouncy ball down the slope in the garden for him to catch. You adore your cousins and I know they will be a mainstay in your sweet dreams for a long time to come. 

I’m convinced there will be tall tales in these beautiful dreams of yours where you are riding along on your trusty steed, Lily, exploring flower after flower and getting her to jump up on all the rocks that come into view whilst you wildly laugh at her antics. This is your favourite thing to watch whilst we are out with her and you are forever trying to climb over her! You are lucky that we seem to have the most patient dog in the world, who loves you unconditionally. 

Maybe some evenings you are soaring to the moon, catching stars for your pockets along the journey to add to your twinkling bedroom at home. You love the sky and you’ve just learned how to say “airplay” – perhaps you’re wondering where one of those great big flying machines could take you?

Or I wonder whether you’re just cuddled up with Daddy & I in your tent, reading one of the favourite books we’ve read a hundred times, smoothing Lily’s ears under your finger tips. We snuggle close because who knows when we wont do this again. Who knows when you’ll dream bigger things, when your world is growing faster than we can comprehend. 

I dream that this world that you’re discovering is good to you, Sweet Girl. I dream that you learn to feel love that compares to those first newborn moments where my heart was bursting out of its’ seams just from holding you in my arms. I dream that someone will love and protect you as fiercely as your brilliant Daddy does, because you’re going to find it hard to find someone to measure up to him, I promise you. I dream that nothing material stands in the way of your happiness but that you learn to work hard to climb to somewhere lofty that you deserve to be. My dreams for you are whatever you want them to be. You have exceeded mine beyond any of my wildest expectations, Darling Girl, and I can only hope that the little mischiefs you get up to as you sleep are half as happy as you make my waking days. 

Sweet dreams my Little Bug xx


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