565 Days…

It’s been 565 days since Darcey was born (at the time of writing this post). So for 564 consecutive nights I’ve been able to kiss my daughter goodnight. I’ve been able to read her a book and give her a bath. For a good few of those, she’s come into our bed part of the way through the night and I got to wake up to her beautiful sleeping (well sometimes sleeping) face in the morning.


That run has come to an end today. Today is the first night I’ve been away from my little girl since she was born, and it sucks. I’m about 255miles away from both of my girls, writing this in a (rather quite nice) hotel because I’m in Ireland for work. I knew I’d have to come over at some point but was hoping to put it off for a little bit longer.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m here and work-wise, it’s really good for me but it’s not been fun at all being away from both of my girls. It seems a bit counter intuitive, as a parent of a small child, knowing that I’m definitely going to get a full night of undisturbed sleep and I won’t be woken up with little feet in my face, back and/or groin to be upset about that prospect but I absolutely am!


I’m really glad that we have things like Skype and Facetime so I can at least see my girls. I got to be a part of their day from another country, which I loved.


It’s pretty hilarious watching what a toddler does with a phone with a video call in place.  I’ve seen the inside of one of Kate’s handbags, got motion sickness when she had the phone in her hand and was running around her room and got a close up of the inside of a ‘cuggle’ (cuddle!).


I know it’s not a totally usual situation, so if it’s one you find yourself in, just remember…you can still play peek-a-boo 200 miles apart!


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