Is there anything manlier than putting up shelves? Drilling walls, using spirit levels and getting to do that dad thing of putting a pencil behind your ear? What about if the shelves had cute little stars on?

As you’ll know if you’ve read any of our blogs, you’ll know that we love books and Darcey loves us reading to her.  We need somewhere to keep all of these books and we’ve got some star book ledges, made by Great Little Trading Co.

Joking (and stars) aside, these are quality shelves. You can tell instantly that they are by how they’re sent. Cheap and poorly made products aren’t sent wrapped and then packaged, fully, so that there is no chance of being damaged in transit.

Darcey Shelves

You notice that they’re a nice, matt, white. They’re also reassuringly heavy so you know that when you’re filling them up with bedtime stories for your little one that they’ll be able to take the weight of all of Julia Donaldson’s and Roald Dahl’s words, that they’ll soon be filled with!

The shelves are also shallow so you can face the books forward so your little one can see the colourful front covers instead of the spines of the books. It’s also good for taking up less space!

The quality also shines (get it?!) through with how the stars are slightly rounded at the ends and is repeated on all of the corners.

We loved them so much we got three more (even with the stars)!

You can get them in a a few different colours like blue, pink or turquoise to coordinate them with your room.

If you’re interested in getting some of these yourself, click hereto see the different colours available.

Great Little Trading Co. don’t just supply these awesome shelves, click here to see what else they have!

This review hasn’t been paid for or sponsored by Great Little Trading Co. or any other third parties, all words and opinions are my own…in case you were wondering!


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