Water Painting


We’ve had a bit of a poorly week in the Reed Household and Darcey is sporting a fantastic cough and cold at the moment, as a result. So instead of our usual weekend gallivanting and her swimming lesson, we’ve plumped for a lazy day inside and a visit to a friend’s house for tea tonight. As a result of that, we needed to think of things to make the indoors fun so we’ve had a puzzle and play morning and we decided to opt for something a bit more extravagant this afternoon.

This is a great activity for anyone who isn’t overly keen on mess because really, there isn’t any. I know it may seem a little hazardous initially, but it is literally just water so there really is nothing to worry about. I have a stash of these vinyl tablecloths in my under stairs cupboard and they’re brilliant for all kinds of messy play. My preferred surface of choice, though, is this brilliant mixing tray from B&Q which is £18. We love using ours on the grass in summer for painting (which saves Nath needing to give the grass a haircut to remove it’s new ‘hair dye’) and it’s great for stomping on cornflakes inside for a bit of sensory play. Today, though, it was outside and it was wet, and I couldn’t be bothered to dry it. Lazy Mummy.

IMG_2701Darcey absolutely loves painting but because we’d just cleaned the floors this morning I opted for something a little less sinister and got the water out instead. It’s a very simple kit list for this activity: a tray or bowl with water in, some sugar paper (other papers don’t work quite so well because they aren’t so porous) and then a bunch of stuff to ‘paint’ with. We chose for some brushes, rollers, sponges and potato stamps.


We easily spent 30-40 minutes sat happily on the floor, painting pictures and stamping. I’d cut a star, circle, square and triangle out of the potatoes so we spent some time practising the shape names, as well as painting. Darcey can count up to three now and we’re trying hard to get her to four so it was another great opportunity to practise some basic word recognition, too. The great thing about this activity is that as the water dries, the paper is ready to be ‘painted’ on again. You won’t have fifteen pages of mayhem beautiful artwork at the end, admittedly, but for some (who have a more minimalist approach to magnets on their fridge than myself!), that mightn’t be such a bad thing after all!

We had a great afternoon playing indoors with water and are always on the lookout for new activities to try indoors and outdoors. Let us know if you have favourite crafts you like to do with your little people – we’ll happily put them through Darcey’s rigorous testing next weekend!


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