BristotsAs you will by now be realising, here at Bug HQ we like to get out and about as much as possible and we particularly like doing this in new places we’ve not seen before.  Through living in Bristol all our lives and exploring it further since having Darcey we’ve found (and continue to find) a plethora of hidden treasures amongst Brunel’s old stomping ground and we thought that it was about time that we started sharing this with the rest of the world. After a brainwave from my brilliant friend (and the lady who got me into blogging!) Sarah at Forget Me Knit we decided to jointly create the series #Bristots in order to allow us to share the secrets of this incredibly rich city that allows us to make sure our little people get out in the world and experience as much of Bristol as possible.Suspension Bridge

Our aim is to share weekly content where one or the other of us (and sometimes both – watch out for Double Trouble!) will review something in and around Bristol which we’ve done or gone to with our families recently.  The purpose of this is to help families in Bristol discover things which they might not have known about. One of the reasons we enjoy discovering these undiscovered places is through our love of Geocaching – (for those of you ‘Muggles’ out there, not in the know, this is a kind of twenty first century treasure hunt, using a little bit of very basic technology). It’s allowed us to stumble upon so many places we didn’t know existed in Bristol and we’d love to extend these discoveries to the wider community. We’ll make sure that these visits could be done on a budget (and we’re on the hunt for as many Bristol Freebies as possible – there are loads!) and we’ll hunt out the best deals possible on any entrance fees that might be involved. If there is somewhere you’d like us to review, let us know and we’ll add it to our list! You can find us on Instagram and Twitter: @Itsabugslife29 and Sarah is: @Forgetmeknit

We are really excited to be bringing this to you and if you have any Bristol gems that would work with toddlers please let us know using the #Bristots hashtag and we’ll share your great ideas too. The aim is to bring the Bristol Family community together whilst getting our little people outdoors and enjoying this city.

First up on the list is our review of Brandon Hill & Cabot Tower. Click here to read the first #Bristots instalment and let us know what you think!

D Balloon


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