Bath Time Fun

Darcey was so loved at Christmas by her huge collection of Aunties and Uncles and we’ve had to completely rearrange the house after bringing all her beautiful gifts home. But there was one teeny tiny present that nothing needed rearranging for but that, perhaps, has provided the most Fun for everyone! Auntie Meggy wrapped up a most eclectic bundle of all of Darcey’s favourite things, including giant marshmallows, holdable bubbles, a ladybird painting apron and something a little new: Fun. Some literal Fun, from Lush.    Bath times are always Daddy’s domain but I must admit that I’ve found it difficult to stay away for the last couple of weeks. Who could resist the mouldable, colourful, bubbleable deliciousness that is Fun?! Darcey thinks this stuff is amazing and we have to agree. You can paint yourself, paint each other, paint the bath, paint the water. You can lather up lots of beautifully scented bubbles or you can mould it into anything your imagination desires.  

(The water is meant to be that colour, I promise!)

The bright colours make it so child friendly and its versatility means that we’ve been able to bribe Darcey into teeth brushing just so that she can play with ‘Blue’ or ‘Green’ or ‘Yellow’! The added bonus is that she smells even more scrumptious than normal after her bath – citrus-y and fresh (just make sure you’ve washed all the colour off; this monkey hides it in her hands and doesn’t reveal it until the end of the bath!)

 At the bargain price of £5, we put this in a Tupperware container on Boxing Day and it’s just about to run out now. That’s around 2.5-3 weeks worth of fun in the bath. We are utterly distraught at the idea of it running out though so I had to make a mad dash on the Lush website for two different ‘flavours’ last week. The dispatch email informs me that they are happily winging their way to us now!
So thanks Auntie Meggy; it may not have looked like the biggest gift in the world but I think you might have created a trio of Fun-Addicts here … Do you think it would work on a golden retriever?!


8 thoughts on “Bath Time Fun

  1. I love Lush and so does My little one 🙂 I love that its all handmade with good ingredients, Willow has infantile eczema and We’ve found so many things that aggravate it but Lush products don’t, It’s ironic really because the most perfumed stuff tends to make her skin sore but even the super scented stuff from lush is kind to her skin! Great post!


      1. I’ve only ever been twice and both times willow was with me and she asked me if she could eat the ‘cakes’ I was cry-laughing in there! She LOVED it and when we’re earning again, I’m going to take her in and treat her to something nice 🙂

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