Change is Coming

  I took this photograph a couple of weeks ago just after Christmas Day & remember reflecting on it and seriously thinking ‘I don’t have a baby anymore’. We have grown this (very small, but amazing) person somehow over the last eighteen months and it is suddenly taking us somewhat by surprise when Darcey does things that she couldn’t do yesterday, and seems to be growing at the speed of light. 
I’ve never been a woman who obsesses over other people’s babies and even now I’ve had my own I still don’t ‘get it’. My nephews and my daughter are the only children who make me feel that rush of emotion that I know many people get when seeing a stranger’s baby. I used to laugh when people would celebrate the fact that a baby could clap or do something similarily trivial but I have to admit to taking enormous pleasure when Darcey matched four balls in the correctly  coloured holders on one of her toys the other day – you’d have thought she’d won the 100m sprint the way Nath & I cheered her afterwards; I think we terrified her more than anything!

  She has learned how to play with the little kitchen we bought her and mixes, pours, fries and washes til her heart’s content! It’s a game that she loves to play with Nath and I still haven’t worked out who takes it most seriously. 
Out of the blue, she has decided that the best response to any question is “no way” which also smacks somewhat of the fifteen year olds that I spend my days teaching – a taste of things to come, perhaps?!

But overwhelmingly we are just in awe of the little personality she is growing and the amazing way that she is exploring the new things she discovers. She is bringing us joy from the mundane and everyday and pleasure from things that would have previously passed us by. 

We are more tired, muddy and often covered in an interesting mix of glue or cheese or dried on Cheerios than we’ve ever been and yet as we fall into bed each night in a heap of parenting/workday  exhaustion, our first words to each other are very often “How did we make something so amazing?!”.

What a privilege it is to help this beautiful girl to find her way in this world and what a pleasure it is to have her open up ours. 


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