10 Yumbox Lunches

Most people who follow us on any social media will know that I (and Nath has now also been coerced into this) am a little bit obsessed with making Darcey’s lunch boxes beautiful. If you want to understand why, have a read of my very first blog post which explains the rationale (and also makes you realise that my lunch boxes have improved a little!!)

I stumbled across the Yumbox about a year ago, just as we started Baby Led Weaning with Darcey and ummed and ahhed about buying one for a good two or three months. Yes, they come with a fairly hefty price tag attached, compared to your average lunch box but I promise you they aren’t a standard lunch box and are worth every penny of their cost. We finally bought one in February this year and to give you an idea of my obsession, we now own three Yumboxes plus a myriad of other lunch boxes, tupperware and more bento accessories than I care to round up (also if I did, Nath might find out how much I’ve actually spent on this stuff, so I’d better not!)

The lunchbox I take to work is another bento-style box; the Mon Bento, but even with a similar cost in mind, the Yumbox wins out every time because it’s completely leak proof, meaning we can put yoghurt, smoothie, pasta sauces etc. and it stays exactly where it’s meant to. The compartments and beautifully labelled trays are great for portion control and to make sure meals are brilliantly balanced and the gorgeous designs of the boxes are so child (and adult) friendly, they just lend themselves to beautiful lunches. They are BPA free and really light weight so safe and easy for children to use. They are also top rack dishwasher safe, although I hand wash ours as I don’t want them to fade or discolour. Our Pomme Green box has been going for just under a year now and still looks and works as good as new.

The Yumbox comes in two varieties: the Classic which has five compartments and a treat/dip well and the Panino which has three compartments plus the well. I prefer the Panino because I like making scenes out of the lunches. If you are buying for an older child or adult I’d suggest the Panino because it allows larger sandwich/wraps to be contained. You would struggle to fit bigger portions in the Classic, but the Classic allows you more variety so if you prefer tapas/mezze style lunches then the Classic is for you! I was lucky enough to win a Yumbox from the new range earlier this year for our Hallowe’en Yumboxes on Instagram from the brilliant Eatwell UK. They have an amazing sale on at the moment and we’ve directed a few lovely friends over there recently, to begin their Yumbox obsession…I am trying to talk myself out of buying another but I’m not quite there yet! For all my bento accessories, I use another favourite of mine (and great blogger for kids lunch inspiration) Eats Amazing .

Below is a very quick round up of ten of our most recent Yumboxes, heavily featuring our beautiful glow in the dark Espace Blue Classic Yumbox and the Ananas Yellow Panino. (I haven’t used our Green Classic one for a while but you can see it in my original Lunch Box post).

Lunch One: Bug!

FullSizeRenderThis is probably my favourite lunch box. My Mum’s lovely cousin, Sharon, sent us this gorgeous flower & ladybird cutter all the way from Perth, Australia and I couldn’t wait to use it. Since we have a little Bug, I decided that ladybirds were the way to go!

Lunch Two: Rocket

IMG_4929For some reason, I couldn’t find the original of this image so please excuse the screen shot. Nath wanted to theme this lunch box, to fit in with the ‘Espace’ images and awesome glow in the dark stars on the front.

Lunch Three: Brrrr

IMG_4970We had a day of Christmas crafting and this quick cold Yumbox flew together after reading through a really simple tutorial from Grace at Eats Amazing for the animals. To give you easy ideas to decorate – the little ow in with the sandwiches is just a button! I love hunting for paraphernalia to help theme these boxes!

Lunch Four: Christmas is Coming

IMG_5116This was my first Christmas Yumbox which has varying degrees of success, as you can see! You can pick up lots of little baking decorations like the holly leaves in the yoghurt which make something relatively boring come to life.

Lunch Five: The Stockings Were Hung

IMG_5542 Nath threw this little number together on one of our Christmas days out with some cheap cookie cutters from Aldi. It really doesn’t take much effort to turn a ham sandwich into a fireplace and stockings! People often ask how we have time to do these but unpick it and it’s just an ordinary lunchbox packaged in a different way!

Lunch Six: Santa Hats

IMG_5209Instagram is a great place for lunch box inspiration and I’d seen these little fruit santas pop up all over the place – they were so easy to make! I whipped up an omelette and used a snowflake cutter on them and portioned up some fresh tortellini – a great on the go snack!

Lunch Seven: Let It Snow 

IMG_5425Sometimes, something simple like this cupcake ring can turn a bowl of fruit into something altogether more exciting. Granted, Darcey isn’t of an age where this is the case yet but I’m sure it won’t be long so we’re building a collection of fun accessories to bring boring food to life a little!

Lunch Eight: Gifts

IMG_5720Again, these are literally just square sandwiches with a fruit lace tied over them. I think this box took a grand total of about 3 minutes. Who doesn’t have time for that?!

Lunch Nine: Frog


Now that our lunches aren’t so festive I can open up the cupboards and start getting all the cutters out again. Darcey is crazy for peas so this one went down very well yesterday. She isn’t keen on tomatoes though – it’s about the only thing in the world she doesn’t like, so I keep trying to introduce them in different ways. Unfortunately, the water lily didn’t fool her!

Lunch Ten: Garden


Today’s lunch, which is currently in the process of being eaten destroyed is a garden themed one using only a circle cutter for the caterpillar. There is no need to spend lots of money on fancy accessories, unless you want to. The only limit is your imagination!

I’d love to see what you get up to for your children’s lunchboxes (or even your own – mine are frightfully boring/non-existent!) – let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer – I’m writing this review purely because we LOVE the Yumbox and not because I have been commissioned or asked to do so. All words & photographs are my own.

A Cornish Mum

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