Christmas Crafting

  I’ve had a particularly crafty week over here at Bug HQ and all have been wonderfully festive! 
Early on in the week I spied another of Kaboodle Mum’s beautiful book folding tutorials (genuinely, have a watch just for the giggles and funny voices Faye adopts!) which made this beautiful Christmas creation a complete breeze to make.   The best thing about this fold is that it doesn’t take anything other than a book and yourself to make (and, if you’re me, a generously portioned glass of Baileys on the rocks).   Faye’s tutorials are great to watch – she’s half convinced me to buy a glue gun to make her next creation which is a book wreath but I’m running out of room in my house for all these literary lovelies! 

Next, on Thursday evening, I’d scheduled a Wreath Making Workshop with the gorgeous Laura from The Pink Peony. She’d hooked my sister Gina and I earlier this summer when we attended her hand tied bouquet workshop at Bristol Folk House so we decided we couldn’t resist playing with blooms again this year. Sat around the table at Gina’s pub were three of my lovely friends, Gina and my youngest sister Meg, and we all had a ball.   Laura made the process look so easy even though so much more goes into a wreath than I had ever imagined. We were all so pleased with our finished creations and so grateful to Laura for spending the evening with us. I am fairly certain that we’ll all want to be making this an annual Christmas tradition. I’ve already scoped out a possible Easter arrangement workshop with Laura (can you tell I’m flower-mad?!).  

Chuffed with my little rustic number!

Finally, I couldn’t write a Christmas crafting post without some Darcey fun! Over two nights this week we decided to make some Christmas prints for Nana & Nanny to have and we had lots of fun with painted hands and feet and lots of sticking afterwards.   We stuck an old paper table cloth on the floor from Darcey’s little birthday tea party and let her go crazy. It was great fun! After the paint had dried ‘we’ stuck on the faces & decorated them with stickers. It was really fun spending some messy time together as a family on an evening after s busy week at work and helped me to put everything into perspective & very much into the festive spirit!   


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