Even Rocky Had a Montage

Now honestly, what other parenting blog gives you Team America references?!

I was thinking about something to write a post about and then this picture came up on my Facebook news feed.


It’s from 3 years (and a couple of days) ago from when we went to Cadbury Garden Centre with this little monkey, my nephew and godson Oliver. We had an amazing time; we wondered around and looked at the animals, watched people ice skate, saw Santa and got to hang out with the coolest little dude. Now, this isn’t something that I could really write 800-900 words about but it’s a day that was really great.

It was when I saw this that I realised that we get so many of these days but also that they can easily get forgotten about because of highlights. By this I mean huge, massive deals like holidays, big celebrations and big milestones. It’s cool that we get the big moments but I think it’s awesome to remember the little things that make us happy on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be a cool day, things happen all the time that make us smile and be happy.

That’s what I’ve decided to write this post about; some of the cool little things that I thought were pretty cool but can get lost and forgotten about.

This was the first moment that I got to hold my beautiful daughter , just minutes after my life changed massively for the better. The midwife passed her to me after she was weighed and I cuddled her in. She scrunched up like a little bug and made herself even smaller, I didn’t want to ever let her go. This probably would be classed more as a highlight but I couldn’t start this without a mention. As a necessary side note – Kate was amazing. I knew she would be but she blew me away with how easy she made it seem, I doubt I could have done it!

We went away quite soon after Darcey was born, we went to Cornwall and had an amazing time but this is easily one of my favourite pictures from the whole time we were there.


This was in Falmouth. A staple of any parenting career is getting your child to try lemon. Here’s Darcey’s first experience, you’re welcome!


Our first Christmas with Darcey was easily the best we’d ever had. We let her try solid food for the first time and she really enjoyed it. This may be stating the obvious but having a child really makes Christmas that much better.


It’s so exciting when babies start moving around on their own. I sort of take it for granted now but when Darcey first started crawling, it was so awesome.


We love meal times but maybe not as much as Darcey does, one of my favourite food related pictures. She’s so interested in food, and is really good with using cutlery. I’m sure the two go hand in hand.


When she started crawling, it was awesome but when she started walking, it was even more incredible. Buying her first shoes definitely still makes me smile, she seems to be enjoying it too.


This is definitely a cool picture. We’d gotten back from West Cornwall late the day before having some friends and family round to celebrate Darcey’s first birthday. Here we are singing Happy Birthday to her with her expertly made cake.


Here’s a pretty sweet little moment. We got to have this little man hang out with us for an afternoon and here’s Darcey making sure he has enough Toot Toot toys to play with!

Bit of a mix, and is pretty image heavy, but I thought it would be cool for a few little memories to bring us up to date. I’ll be doing a monthly ‘montage’, I think, going forward.

These little memories are too amazing not to document.

Messy Stains and Growing Pains



4 thoughts on “Even Rocky Had a Montage

  1. This is fab! its great to look back on things and see how they grow so quickly and remember those special little moments. Thanks for linkingxx


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