“We’ll be friends forever won’t we, Pooh?”

“We’ll be friends forever won’t we, Pooh?” 
 This post probably should have been one of the first I wrote since one of the lovely people it’s about is the reason that we decided to start blogging. 
I’m the eldest of six children (five girls, one boy), Nath the eldest of three boys. We all get on well with our siblings (and each others’) and I have a post on its’ way about Darcey & her cousins soon. However, during those early days where parenthood is a blurry memory of lack of sleep and tiny humans, at the 3am night feed and when nothing was consoling our crying baby, I would pick up my phone and send a message… To two very special ladies. One of them has been my friend since I was fifteen. I’ve only just reflected on the fact that this is twelve years of friendship with her and how significant that is. The other has been my friend since I was twenty six. And I’ve only just reflected on the significance and the importance of her in the most important year of my life. These are the ladies who have made parenting that little bit less scary, who have laughed with me at the utterly ridiculous (and disgusting!) bits of parenting, who have picked me up and understood when nobody else has and whose beautiful, beautiful children have shared with our darling girls’ firsts in everything. Quite simply, I’m not quite sure what I’d have done without them. 

 Lauren (right) has been my friend since Nath and I first got together when I was fifteen. Jack (Lauren’s husband) is Nath’s closest friend and they were in a band together so naturally Lauren and I spent a lot of time together. Lauren was my Maid of Honour and Jack, Nath’s Best Man. They have played an enormous role in making us who we are and in shaping Darcey’s life too. We’ve shared in enormous life events with each other and were so privileged to go to see them on the day Eloise was born at the hospital. And what a beautiful little lady they created. They were (bar one VIP who knows who he is!) the first people we told when I fell pregnant and it was lovely sharing my pregnancy with Lauren and even more special that our girls have grown up together. 

Lauren & I were trying to make a bit of a plan after I’d had Darcey. We both wanted to get out of the house a little more and began scoping out some of our local groups. We ended up frequenting many brilliant places and in one of these groups we stumbled upon somebody who has had an enormous impact on both our lives. 

Sat, very quietly with her gorgeous little Blue Eyes (Ted!) was Sarah, who has gone on to be a complete lifeline to me in so many ways … Especially last night when she arrived at my house with ALL the cake!!  The thing, for me, that has been most indicative of how amazing these ladies have been to me was when I returned to work. During term time I don’t have much of a life and that pretty much exclusively involves ignoring most of my friends. We have a group chat going on where we’ll regularly check in with each other, asking about the children and each others’ day. A shoulder to cry on, when needed, and hilarious antics when… Well, just whenever really! Lauren & Sarah don’t mind me picking them up & putting them down at any point and I know that they are literally at the end of a phone where I need them. 

I’m so grateful that our little dudes have grown up together throughout their lives so far. I know that Darcey has been surrounded by people who couldn’t be a better influence on her. It’s so strange to think that some of the most significant big & little people in our lives weren’t in it eighteen months ago but so exciting thinking of all the adventures and mischief that we’ll get up to in the future! We are so incredibly lucky to have the Whales and the Morgans in our lives and if the mayhem & chaos that comes with a Reed-Whale-Morgan Rendezvous is an indication of how much love we have for these guys then trust me, it’s a lot!


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