Kernow Henrosa

We have a dream. Well, in honesty it’s more of a plan. Or a destiny. 
We are going to live in Cornwall at some point in the (hopefully) not to distant future. It’s our Kernow Henrosa (Cornwall Dream!). When we bought our home together 3 years ago we immediately began decorating it with a distinctly coastal feel in an attempt to replicate the sound of the sea that our hearts miss every day. I have a feeling we’re going to regret doing this when we come to sell up although hopefully exchanging it for the real thing will make things easier!

Today is one of those days we’re missing that life especially much. And I feel selfish for thinking it because we were there a matter of days ago. But after a particularly gruelling working week (aren’t they all!) and a plethora of trials and tribulations sent this week to test our resolve, Darcey decided that last night she needed to put us through our paces a little more. We spent most of the time between 10.30 – 3.30am awake with a very upset little lady and today at work has disappeared in a messy fog of exhaustion and day-dreaming. I don’t even remember how I drove to work this morning or how I arrived home but all I’ve done is dream of last week’s’ adventures and I’m not sure if it’s made things better or worse! 

  Our final wander along the beautiful Marazion beach on Friday night was enhanced by dusk falling and a feint veil of rain clouding the air. And it was exactly perfect. That night was the measure of what life is all about for me (minus our very-missed Lily Dog). That sea air, the brisk wind and the fact that nobody in the world could interrupt my time with the only people that I need, meant that I was blissfully happy. I’m generally always quite happy but Cornwall is our home. We are never as happy as when we are there and I think it’s because we can take in the world and each other without the dramas of life whistling round your mind because that sea air just blows it all away as soon as you step outside. 
  So for this rubbish week, I’m looking forward to bidding you farewell tomorrow, but I’m definitely using the beautiful memories of our future home and happy family to drag me through the tough bits in the meantime. Mind you, no matter where we are, coming home to this little monkey (bat) could fix anyone’s problems, right?!



One thought on “Kernow Henrosa

  1. It won’t be long until your dreams come true, your plan all comes together and this week is not even a distant memory!

    I love the family photo!!


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