Our Littlelife Backpacks

Whether it’s going for a long walk along the beach or in the countryside, or a shorter stroll along to the park or someone’s home, we love being outside. If you’ve read more than one post on here, you’ll know and lucky for us, Darcey has inherited this from us too.

To let us enjoy these walks, as a family, we’ve purchased a couple of backpacks to help us out. We’ve got a Littlelife Toddler Daysack with rein (in the ladybird print, obviously!) for when Darcey is marching along under her own steam and the Littlelife Ultralight Convertible S2 Carrier for when it’s too much for her little legs to manage.


The Daysack works so well for us because Darcey is very independent and likes to explore on her own. She can explore to her heart’s content and I know that she’s safe because I’ve got hold of the attached rein. Also, because it’s a backpack, it’s handy to keep a couple of spare nappies and wet wipes in (just in case!). We’ve also recently discovered that is has a waterproof hood that comes out of the top, complete with bug eyes!


We probably use our carrier more frequently, due to the walks that we do, so we have a really good idea of how good a product it is. Basically, it’s amazing! It’s really lightweight to start with (only about 2kg), which make a difference considering how heavy Darcey is already! It’s nice because you can adjust the height so that the carrier is high up on your back so you’re not fatigued as quickly. It functions as a backpack in its own right so you can take the various bits of baby paraphernalia that we all know we can’t even THINK about leaving the house without.

It also adjusts in any way that you can think:

Height on your back

Around your waist

Seat height for your baby

Side straps so you can decide how far you baby is reclining

Shoulder straps that hold your baby in place


It’s not all about me though! The straps that hold your precious cargo in place come down of their shoulders and clip in place between their legs and also clip across their chest so you know what they’re as safe as can be. You can purchase separately a sun cover and a rain cover to suit this carrier. We have both and keep them in one of the zipped compartments on the backpack. They’re both super easy to put together and make mefeel confident going out, regardless of what this great British weather throws as us! There’s also a cushion on the front of the carrier so that they don’t hurt their head you jolt them forward or, as Darcey usually does, it makes the perfect pillow to rest after they’ve had to let you carry them. Here are some examples of this in practice.




If you want more information on the products we use, click here for information on the Daysack and here for information on the carrier (we’re using a slighty older model so this takes you to information on what’s available now). They’re both well worth the investment as they allow so many more family days out!

We thoroughly recommend them both.


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