Our Happy Ever After

  We don’t keep it any secret from people we know that we are destined to live in Cornwall in the (hopefully!) not too distant future. We are in no way city people and Bristol has never been the place that either of us love despite us living here all our lives. When I trained as a teacher I did my long, six month placement in Cornwall. Luckily for me my sister & brother in law were running a beautiful pub between Penzance & St Ives and it was then that I fell in love. There is something about Cornwall which just puts a feeling of calm in me and an immense sense of belonging and happiness. The fresh sea air and rolling countryside couldn’t provide a better backdrop for raising our family and WE CAN’T WAIT to get down here for good!
  This is our fourth break down here this year (and we’re just trying to squeeze in a final New Year jaunt!) but leaving this beautiful place always breaks our hearts. West Cornwall is home to us, and when the time comes we’ll be looking around the beautiful market town of Marazion to find our home. Waking up to views of the majestic St Michael’s Mount is nothing short of breathtaking. This year has seen us join lovely friends, my sister and brother-in-law and their beautiful Cody in a stunning house in Bude, where we visited amazing places like Boscastle (and even dipped into Devon to the historic village of Clovelly!), a caravan holiday in Perranporth which was a great jumping off point into exploring Cornwall, and two week long visits to Marazion where we stayed (and are still staying!) in the most perfect little fisherman’s cottage right on the beach. 
  It’s from here that we’ve enjoyed amazing visits to St Ives, St Michael’s Mount, Padstow, Newquay, Truro, Mousehole, Prussia Cove & Penzance to name just a few. It was perfect in the summer for us to exhaust our fluffy baby, Lily the golden retriever, in the crystal clear waters. Unfortunately we couldn’t bring her this week because she’s just had a an operation and we weren’t sure that she’d keep up with the walking that we’ve done. 
  This week, we bought my Mum & youngest sister Meg away with us to show them our future home and (I hope!) they’ve had a brilliant week with us. Darcey, certainly, has completely loved their company and its been great to show them lots of our favourite places and activities in Cornwall. I’m going to write a second post later about the toddler-friendly things we’ve done down here and to highlight where we’ve received amazing service with Darcey (because there has been loads!)
  For now, we’re going to go back to the last couple of days down here and enjoy the sandy smiles and lots of quality family time, which is often in short supply during our working week! 


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