Boo-eautiful Lunches!

Many of you who follow our Instagram account (itsabugslife29) will know that I’m a little lunchbox obsessed. When I first bought Darcey’s original YumBox my love affair with lunchbox storytelling began, entirely inspired by the brilliant Grace from Eats Amazing who I don’t even know how I found but I’m very glad I did! 

Hallowe’en is the first ‘holiday’ we’ve encountered since making Darcey’s lunches and I was excited to try my hand at theming things. Below are 5 of the Hallowe’en lunches Darcey has had so far – I’m sure there will be more! One thing I haven’t done yet is to purchase any themed accessories for Hallowe’en but I am very excited to do this for Christmas! Expect some firework-inspired lunches soon, too.

Witches Hats  I filled these cones made from whole meal tortilla wraps from Aldi with tuna mayonnaise and secured them with simple bento picks and a fruit lace. Then, using Organix carrot sticks and leftover shredded  tortilla I made some broomsticks which were the perfect size for tiny paws! Finally, in the handmade ‘cauldron’ we bought at a pottery in the beautiful village of Clovelly I put a handful of Darcey’s favourite sweetcorn and a couple of icing sugar eyes bought from Kitchens Cookshop on Whiteladies Road in Clifton (what a treasure trove!). 
Mummy Scare  Next up was the Mummy-themed YumBox which was a soft cheese open sandwich with strips of tortilla. With hindsight I wish I’d done it on whole meal bread with a white tortilla. Using our alphabet cutters (again, a bargain in Kitchens Cookshop) I spelled Boo from carrot and cut some avocado bushes using a big set of cookie setters that were just £2.99 in Aldi! 
Darcey loves sweet potato so the ‘forest floor’ was made by roasting strips of it in a little olive oil and oregano and then sprinkling on a few raisins and avocado leaves. Finally, I made some witches hats from kiwi and strawberry. Great for on-the-move lunches. 

 Spook-tacular  This YumBox was inspired by a bargain £1 cookie cutter bought from Hobbycraft which is spooked up with some more icing eyes and a cracker gravestone. I used a chocolate pen to write on the cracker which I bought in my local cake decorating shop. A portion of ‘slugs’ (cinnamon sautéed apples) and some spiky tomato mouths floating in a pea swamp completed the box with a wriggly worm fruit lace in the treat well. 
A Friendly Witch  This was my favourite one to make because it was all accidentally put together. A circle sandwich and sweet baby pepper quickly made an easy witches’ face which I completed by shredding the bottom of a string cheese from Aldi to make a broomstick. With a baby corn, I added some pretzel legs and a few eyes to make a creepy crawly bug and then created a scary monster mouth from two apple slices, almond butter & a strawberry slice. It’s amazing how sticking those eyes on changes how things look!
Pumpkin Madness  This was Darcey’s Cornish road trip hallowe’en book and was inspired by pumpkins. The pumpkin cutter was another £1 one from Hobbycraft and I stuffed peas onto orange and green picks from Eats Amazing (trickier than it looks!) using silicone leaves, again from Eats Amazing, I turned a Babybel into a pumpkin and also a clementine which I pre-separated so that it was easier for Darcey to eat. 
I’ve had great fun theming these boxes (and can’t rate our Yumboxes highly enough – we have a Classic one too & will be looking to add to our collection when the new designs are released soon! They are leakproof and really portable & we haven’t found a better box in our quest so far!) I hope these simple designs have inspired you to try something spooky – I promise that the hardest part of it was threading peas onto sticks! 

The freerange family

4 thoughts on “Boo-eautiful Lunches!

  1. Congratulations on your first evenr linky! I am honored that you chose mine to join up with!! I love your post it’s so nice to see your little lady enjoying her lunches! Our youngest daughter is called Darcie too so your post is extra special!! Thankyou so much for linking up, I look forward to reading more of your blog! xx


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