Daddy, Darcey Time

I like Kate, who doesn’t? She’s cool and everything, and I love doing family things, but sometimes it’s pretty cool to do something that’s just you and your baby. 

For me, I get to take Darcey swimming and I get to bath her. Both water related (which is something Darcey loves) and both are activities I get soaking wet in!

 We started taking Darcey swimming from when she was 11 weeks old and, honestly, she didn’t really do a lot to begin with. I was there splashing around and singing some songs that were loosely related to the actions we were doing and swimming and she’d just be there. But you knew she really enjoyed what we were doing. 

You start off just moving your baby around and as you go along, and they get bigger and can do more, you get to do some pretty cool things – like swim under water with them and also along the surface with them on your back. Truthfully, I’m amazed and impressed, every time we go, with what she can do in the water. 


Swimming is easily the highlight of my week and I hope it at least registers on Darcey’s radar. As well as being fun, I really hope that we’re helping develop her swimming skills and teaching her things that will keep her safe in and around water. 

Bathtime is awesome too! For me, it makes sure that I get to have a little bit of time with Darcey, everyday. When you’re working full-time, you know how important every second is with your child. It also helps that she loves it too!

I feel lucky that I get to have that time with her everyday and I hope that it stays that way for a while. If you don’t believe how much she loves bathtimes, have a look at this smile!


If you’d like to take your baby swimming, we’d whole heartedly recommend Turtle Tots, that’s who we’ve chosen to help us teach Darcey. Find out more about them here


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