As Long As Stars Are Above You …

Although this is a slightly retrospective post it’s something about our journey with Darcey that always makes people smile: her nursery.  You have to excuse the poor photographs and the messy room but hey, this is real life.

We spent quite a lot of time decorating when I was pregnant – we were decorating our hallway when I was about 4 weeks pregnant, we decorated Darcey’s room when I was about 18 weeks pregnant and then did our living and dining room when I was 36 weeks. It wasn’t anything to do with nesting, it was just jobs that needed doing that we knew we wouldn’t have time to do with a small Bug to entertain us instead. And Darcey’s room was a little bit special.

We didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl so it was always going to be a gender neutral room (something which we’ve maintained as she’s growing up) & we also knew there would be a relatively big gap between us having children so we decided to use the second largest room, rather than our box room. And we wanted to make it special. Really special. I was a bit of a Pintrest addict during my pregnancy (I don’t have much time anymore!) and found a picture one day which I showed to Nath and he simply said ‘Yup’. And that was that.

I kind of had a bit of a design in my head from the word go – I knew I wanted stripes of greys and a grey carpet because it could be amalgamated into an older child’s room at a later point. My favourite colour is yellow so there was always going to be a little sunshine kicking about and I thought we’d accent it with a bit of mint green to balance out in case we had a boy.  Once we’d picked colour we found the furniture really quickly in Mamas & Papas – it was a three piece set in their Fern range in a colour called Putty. It’s really whimsical and fairytale-like which we loved, because I’d imagined a book theme for her room. I them created lots of lemon & mint frames filled with quotes from children’s books in and we hung them above the chest of drawers.  

Originally we had a beautiful nursing chair in here which we up cycled with the help of Nath’s Mum & her sewing machine. I picked up a beaten up nursing chair from Gumtree for free and then I sprayed the frame dark grey. Nath’s Mum then made new covers from some beautiful Roald Dahl, The Hungry Caterpillar fabric that I’d bought. The finished product was amazing & Darcey and I spent many star-filled hours in here in the early days! For Darcey’s birthday my brother and two of my sisters bought Darcey a children’s arm chair upholstered in the Matilda Roald Dahl fabric which Darcey adores! Frustratingly I can’t find a picture of the nursing chair & it’s now in the loft but I’m sure I’ll come across one shortly!

 But the show-stopper, and the thing in the Pinterest picture was obviously her stars. Nath and his youngest brother spent an incredibly long time drilling over 500 holes in the ceiling of varying diameters which are mapped perfectly to the constellations, and then threading individual fibre optic cables through each hole from the loft. (Nath is a bit space-crazy!). They are her favourite thing. Well, they’re ours too really! Every night whilst Nath baths her I darken the room and put her stars on. She comes in bundled in her towel and we lie on the floor pointing at the stars. It was the first Makaton sign she used too which is pretty cool. Nath & I slept on the floor in her room at least 10 nights before she was born. We just loved lying under the stars talking to her and literally ‘wondering what she was’!
We love her room so much and have filled it full of traditional wooden toys and 6 book shelves which are overflowing with books. The most magical time as our family are the twenty minutes before she sleeps and she brings a book to sit in our laps and hold whilst we read it to her. As she’s growing up I’m telling her nearly every day what a very special Daddy & Uncle Jord she has for making her stars but I’m pretty sure she’d already figured that out for herself 😊✨ 


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