*The F means Fudge! (C’mon, it’s a family blog!)

We’re quite outdoorsy people by nature. We’re not the crazy people that run up mountains but we like to walk whenever we can and like being outside in the fields, beach, woods, wherever.


One of the best things we’ve done since having Darcey is getting annual passes to places that let us do this with her. We probably have more than you might need (four!) but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment, especially as the most expensive one was purchased for us as a gift!

We don’t get anywhere near as much time to spend together as a family, as we’d like, so we wanted to choose things that lets us make the most of the time that we do have. We also have a golden retriever, one of the passes that we have allows us to take her along for the fun too.


This is probably the most frequently used one but is easily my favourite. This is a WWT site and has an abundance of different kinds of ducks, geese, swans and a lot more. We’ve been here more times than I can count and we still find things here that we haven’t seen or done before.

You can probably go round the whole place in about 3 hours or so if you’re really quick but we’re usually here all day. If you go, make sure you have some spare coins as you can buy bags of grain for £1 each. We usually get 3 or 4. It’s really cool getting to feed the different kinds of birds and test your toughness when trying to feed a massive swan!

It’s not super expensive and you can pay by a monthly direct debit of around £5.00. Have a look here if you want to see more!



This is one that is worth asking for as a gift as it is on the more expensive side, but you only have to come 3 times in a year to make your money back. The main thing to see/do is the African safari. You can drive around enclosures filled with animals that you only usually see at the zoo. If you’re equally brave and lucky, you can go through the monkey enclosure, which is usually the highlight of the safari. Just expect that you’ll lose your car aerial and easy to grab seals and anything else is a bonus. There’s also a train, boat and even more animals to see.

This place is huge so is definitely an all dayer, even if you only see half of it.

It’s probably worth going there on a day pass to see if it’s something you want to commit to, but the good thing is that they will refund your entry fee against the cost of the pass. Have a look here for more info.


Avon Valley Country Park

This one is really close to us, which definitely adds to the appeal, but what this place also has is a really quite varied range of family friendly things to do.

There are a lot of different kinds of farm animals that Darcey really loves, and a really good play area for older children…it also has a death slide! There’s also a soft play area which children seen to enjoy…

The craziest thing this place has, is pig racing! It’s a really good bit of fun and a great place to try.

Click here if you want to know more about this place. If you’re not that worried, then don’t!


Westonbirt Arboretum

This is the place to come for a long walk in the woods and is really good if you have a dog too. Dogs aren’t allowed in the old section of the arboretum but can frolic throughout the rest of the place! This is a big place so you can come here 10 or 15 times and still find little paths that you’ve never been down before.

We usually stop in the cafe for a drink and cake after our long strolls, before going home – it’s tough work! They’re currently building an elevated walkway that will let you walk along the tops of the trees; this will definitely be something to come see.  Autumn is the most expensive time to visit, but is also the best.

Check it out here!


I’d be lying if I said we visited each of these every month, but we definitely have gotten our money back on them all. It’s great for us to know that we have a day out at one of our favourite places already sorted and the only cost is a packed lunch and the fuel to get there!

I haven’t been asked by any of these places for a review or recommendation, although they probably should have. These are just places that we genuinely love to visit with our little monkey. I hope that I’ve given you an idea for a day out, although these aren’t really well kept secrets, and if there are any places that you like to visit, let us know in the comment section, below. We’d love to discover a new place to explore!


(Look at that face!)


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