The Lunchbox

Anyone who knows Nath & I will know that we put a bit of effort into Darcey’s lunch boxes & always have done. Now, I know that she’s a year old and has little to no clue about the fact that Nath has just cut her Babybel into a ladybird or that I’ve made her carrot into a tub of tiny little goldfish, but there is a rationale behind it.

I spend about 50 hours a week away from my baby, often longer. I have to give her to people who aren’t me on 5 days a week. Some of my family & friends (who don’t know me as well as perhaps they should) have me dubbed as a career woman. They couldn’t be further from the truth. I make no bones about the fact that I love my job but I work to live, and not the other way around. If I could give up work and stay at home with Darcey, I would in a heartbeat. And I know Nath would too. But the simple fact of the matter is that we are a young couple with a mortgage to pay and the life that we want to give Darcey demands that we both work full time. It wasn’t a choice that we made lightly and if either of us could go part-time we really would. And that is why we put so much love into her lunch boxes. Because it’s the only bit of her day that we get any influence over; it’s the only little bit of love we can send her from home & it’s our way of saying ‘Baby, we love you & we can’t wait to get home to you’.

Darcey has a great affinity with food, as anyone who knows her will testify! We went down the Baby Led Weaning route and, for us, it’s meant that there is nothing she won’t eat. Current favourites are sweet potato & beetroot but she really will eat anything, and we often get comments about how lovely it is to see a baby who eats so well.

I’ve discovered the incredible food art that is sometimes used in Japanese Bento boxes through one of my favourite parenting blog Eats Amazing and since then we are slowly building up a variety of exciting lunch box accessories which go into her YumBox every day and a plethora of cutters and moulds which we have great fun in using.

I will write a new post soon about where to buy all this stuff but you can do it with anything really (some of our favourite cutters came from a play-doh set!)

So whilst I’m sure there will be days where making your children’s lunch boxes is a chore and something you don’t feel like you have time for, perhaps make time and say Hi to your little people whilst you’re not there. If you have exciting lunch box creations then we love being inspired so please let us see what you’ve done too!

Kate 🙂


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