Hi out there in the ether!

We thought we’d better introduce ourselves and explain the rationale behind the Blog.

Perhaps I’ll deal with the latter first…

When we first got that positive result on a pregnancy test and knew we’d started our family, I don’t need to explain how excited we felt. Any couple who’ve gone from a two to a family will appreciate that mind blowing moment when you know you’ve just opened the doors on the biggest adventure of your life and we wanted to document it, straight away. Both Nath & I love writing so we set up an email account to give to our baby when he or she was 18. We used it the whole way through my pregnancy; from the excitement of not knowing whether she was a boy or a girl, to documenting my growing bump, to the milestones of decorating her nursery and then finally the day she arrived. We still use it to write to her independently of each other and I’m excited for the day that she can open that account and recount all of our memories of her before her memory took hold.

Since she’s grown a little older we’ve used an app called LifeCake (I will imminently learn how to hyperlink these things I promise!) and we’ve taken a photograph for every day she’s been with us and this is an amazing document of how she’s changed and grown over the last 13 months. It’s actually amazing and when I think of the dog-eared, sepia tinged photo albums of my first days over 27 years ago and it’s a battle where I think technology is definitely winning.

So we thought we’d embrace technology and start a Blog. It’s really for us to remember our adventures with Darcey; to recommend things we’ve done or bought or been given (or not, I guess!) and then ultimately to pass on to her in the future. It’s our 21st century equivalent of the photo album my Mum gets out every few years!

Onto us…

Nath & I have been together since we were fifteen, and met at Pre-School when we were two (how sweet…). For anyone who isn’t a hopeless romantic out there, I’m afraid to say it is one of those sickly sweet tales that you hear of childhood sweethearts falling in love and staying together. We’ve been together eleven years and got married in 2009, so we celebrate our six year anniversary in a couple of weeks. We are still very much as happy as on that day, mainly because we’ve not been very good at growing up (Nath especially!) so we continue to laugh a lot!

We’ve wanted children for as long as I can remember but felt very strongly that we needed good foundations first and so waited until we’d bought our own home three years ago. We spent a year or so decorating and making it into a home and then decided that we needed to fill it up a little more because our giant golden retriever just wasn’t doing a good enough job on her own! (Sorry Lily!)

Nath is 27, (nearly 28…so basically nearly 30) and a General Manager of a filter distribution company in Bristol. He assures me it’s more exciting that it sounds but I’m not sure how to make it so on paper! In all seriousness, he’s flown through the ranks of the company over the last five years and I’m incredibly proud of him.

I am 27 (just…so nowhere near 30) and am Head of History at a large inner-city secondary school in Bristol. This is my sixth year in teaching and I adore my job. (Except for tonight, when I have serious holiday blues as it’s back to work tomorrow).

We’ve both lived in Bristol all our lives but spent about six months in Cornwall when I was training to teach and fell in love. We’re now on a countdown about when we will move down South and are just waiting for the right jobs and home to come up before we take the plunge. In the meantime, we’ve put foreign holidays on hold and are trying to holiday down there at least three or four times a year otherwise we get seriously homesick.

In 2008 we road tripped down to Dorset and picked up a fluffy little candy floss cloud which we named Lily. (Seriously, if you want cute in your life then go and look at a litter of golden retriever puppies…I will never know how we came away with just one). She was our baby for six years and then in July 2014, bang on her due date, with just fourteen minutes to spare came our beautiful little Bug, Darcey. And, as they say, life hasn’t re
ally been the same since. Becoming a Mum & Dad has turned our lives on their heads and it has been the most incredibly exciting and scary
thing we’ve ever done.The Reed Family

So, that’s us for now. Welcome to our world; we’re looking forward to sharing little sound bites with you and recording our adventures. Wave if you can see us and shout if you want to know anything else!

See you soon.



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